Check the list below to see how you might become the hands and feet of Jesus.


  • Administrative Assistant
    Serve alongside the field director by assisting with administrative responsibilities for various ministries as well as the field.

  • Treasurer
    If you have strong analytical and mathematical skills as well as experience in the area of finances, several countries have a need for a treasurer. As treasurer, you would manage the field financial structure, process expense reports, directly liaison with One Mission Society world headquarters and maintain relationships with various financial institutions. This role may be able to be performed remotely.


  • Youth Evangelist - JAPAN
    Is your passion working with youth? Do you have the desire to develop a youth program to train the next generation of Japanese Christian leaders? Japan Holiness Church is looking for a Youth Evangelist who will be willing to reach out to the youth and train and disciple them to lead their generation to Christ.
  • Youth Ministry - MOZAMBIQUE
    Come be part of God working in the lives of young Mozambicans! Chosen Generation (1 Peter 2:9) is an OMS ministry serving the community of Bedene in Machava, Mozambique. The ministry serves more than 100 Mozambican children and young adults who come to the OMS compound two afternoons per week for Bible stories, kids' games, and soccer training. The program is also developing leaders as Mozambican youth serve and lead in Chosen Generation. If you have a call to ministry among African children and young people and want to join us, we have opportunities for short and long-term assignments including sports, ESL, and leading games. It´s amazing to see how God is working in the lives of these children and we believe they are a Chosen Generation as it says in 1 Peter 2:9.
  • Youth Outreach - URUGUAY
    Work with local partnerships and interns through SIM, Youth Compass and Youth Specialties to engage, encourage and equip young people for Christian service. Provide hospitality, pastoral care, food and affirmation - Uruguay


  • Church Planter
    Work alongside national believers in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.
  • Church Multiplication Trainer and Coach
    Honor and glorify God by training and coaching others to pray, evangelize and make disciples to multiply leaders and churches. Empower Every Community for Christ trainers and team members to achieve their church multiplication goals.


  • Short Term Team Leader
    Honor and glorify God by training and coaching others to pray, evangelize and make disciples to multiply leaders and churches. Empower Every Community for Christ trainers and team members to achieve their church multiplication goals.


  • Compassion Ministries Specialist
    Facilitate the provision of church-based compassionate ministries which serve people's felt needs and holistically complement the churches' spiritual ministry while advancing the field vision of church multiplication.

Requires expertise in at least one specific area of compassionate ministry (literacy, community health, micro-enterprise development, clean water, etc.)


  • Discipler and Small Group Facilitator
    Do you love working with young adults? Do you enjoy coming alongside new believers and walking alongside them as they grow in Christ? The Ukraine field is looking for a new missionary who will serve in evangelistic outreach to Ukrainian young adults, as well as disciple new and growing believers. This missionary will help establish and multiply worshiping small groups. He or she will also participate in training and releasing Ukrainian disciple makers/group facilitators.
  • Discipler and Bible Study Leader
    Live with the missionary candidate families from March to September each year; share your experiences and life in a discipling/mentoring relationship; teach English and Bible studies at the Missionary Training Center – South Korea.
  • Discipleship
    Partner with a local church to work with ethnic minorities, asylum seekers, and refugees through conversational classes and discipleship – Asia.


  • English Professor
    Fulfil the English language requirements for students in the Mission Department and in practical English for other majors at Seoul Theological University. Prepare future missionaries of KEHC (Korean Evangelical Holiness Church, an OMS-founded denomination) for overseas ministries and prepare students for further study aboard.
  • ESL Ministries
    Do you have training teaching English as a Second Language? Serve others and share Christ's love by helping them develop the English skills they need for study or work. Help teach English to migrants and displaced persons through a local church. Also other English ministry opportunities are available in churches and missionary training centers, etc.
  • ESL Teacher
    Or would you be willing to help someone who is learning English by conversing with them in an informal setting? Spend 1-12 months serving alongside the IGLEICO Missions department in Medellin and helping them learn English. IGLEICO is a Colombian denomination founded by OMS.
  • English Evangelism
    Or would you be willing to help someone who is learning English by conversing with them in a camp or conversation class? Teaching English as Second Language can be done through different strategies and ministries.


  • Evangelism
    Assist the church planting team and serve with OMS national partners.


  • Human Trafficking Prevention (HOPE61)
    OMS missionaries serving with HOPE61 commit to serve in one of our focus countries for two years. HOPE61 sends missionaries to work with the national church denomination or other church contacts to train and equip nationals to combat human trafficking, through PREVENTION of it, in a culturally appropriate and relevant way with intentional evangelism of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and continuing discipleship to these groups of lost people.

Opportunities available in Mexico, Spain, Ireland, South Pacific, Southeast Asia and South Korea.


  • Medical or Dental Practitioner
    Show patients the love of Christ by serving in the Bethesda Medical or Dental Clinic in Cap Haitien. The clinic can utilize many medical/dental disciplines and specialties, including nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and physicians.
  • Helping Hands Compassionate Outreach
    Helping Hands is a ministry to mobilize the church in Mozambique to compassionately reach out to those with disabilities. There are varied opportunities for those called to ministry among individuals with special needs including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and others with skills and interest in sign language/Makaton. We are also seeking people with practical/technical abilities to support the fabrication and maintenance of wheelchairs and other mobility aids.


  • District Liaison
    Partner with existing church associations in developing the ministry of the local church. Work within existing churches by conducting regular visits, encouraging pastors and congregations, and facilitating the ministry of missionaries.
  • Church Multiplication Facilitator (critical need)
    Is your passion coming alongside others and encouraging them to reach the goals they've set? Do you like to provide training and facilitate learning? Do you desire to see national church planters and pastors grow in depth and see the Lord multiply churches throughout the world? Use your gifts to come alongside national pastors and encourage and hold them accountable to the plans and goals the Lord has led them in. Join Every Community for Christ, the church multiplication ministry of OMS, as a church multiplication facilitator.

While continuing to live in your home country, you will travel to your assigned country or countries three to four times per year to promote church multiplication. While at home, your role will be to support the ECC ministry in your assigned country or countries through prayer, follow-up visits and preparation for the next visit.

Current top needs are Hungary, Ukraine, India, and Africa. Other opportunities available in the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and Europe.


  • Prayer Ministries
    Help develop prayer teams around New Zealand, supporting our OMS ministries.


  • Sport Ministry
    Build a sports ministry in coordination with Christian Academy in Mozambique and the OMS compound. This person needs a background in sports and a love for working with kids. He or she would need to be willing to learn Portuguese and be self-motivated.


  • Support Ministry
    Serve with a local church or at the radio station 4VEH. Additional responsibilities might include evangelism and conversational English classes – Haiti.
  • Librarian
    Travel to OMS-related schools and seminaries to catalogue books and assist libraries.
  • Camp Staff
    Serve as part of the camp staff at various OMS camps. Assist with maintenance, kitchen, cleaning, relating to campers and volunteers, and helping out where needed. Be used by God to help people come to know
  • Maintenance and Hospitality
    Help the OMS field missionary team look after maintenance and hospitality at various seminaries, campuses, camps, etc.
  • Teacher
    Minister to the children of missionaries by using your teaching skills in a classroom setting. Provide a quality, Christ-centered education to missionary kids – Taiwan, Japan, Asia, Mozambique, and Haiti.


  • Seminary Professor
    Do you have a passion for teaching and a love for students who are hungry to learn? Have you felt the Holy Spirit calling you into missions?

Our seminaries in Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Mozambique and Philippines are looking for qualified teachers/professors who have the skills, desire and dedication to teach men and women in a classroom setting to reach their nation for Christ.