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our Missionaries


Owen and Avalon Brown

Directors of OMS NZ

Owen and Avalon are the Executive Directors for One Mission New Zealand.  Owen & Avalon spent 4 years in Ecuador involved in church planting among the Saraguro people. 

They are missionaries with OMS and serve in the following areas:

  • Promotion of all OMS Ministries

  • Recruiting, mobilizing and training of missionaries

  • Short term ministry teams overseas

  • Administration and financial oversight

  • Support for NZ missionaries



Rev. Chunillal Pema

Mission Mobiliser

Chunillal has been working in Asia planting churches, discipling and training leaders.

Currently Chunillal is based in New Zealand. He is building and equipping our Pacific partners, connecting with the local indigenous groups and Pasifika peoples to encourage more mission involvement.

He works in New Zealand, Philippines, Asia and Pacific region.


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Brent and Colleen Weaver

Church Planting - Ukraine

Brent and Colleen are based in Kiev, Ukraine. Brent primarily works in making disciples among Ukrainian young adults with the aim of developing a network of multiplying churches. He also serves as a mentor for a church planting team in Estonia. Colleen facilitates disciple-making globally in her role as the TLEAD leadership and discipleship development coordinator.




Professional Development of ESOL Teachers

After teaching  at a Seminary in Russia for 13 ½ years,  she is now based in Asia overseeing professional development of English teachers in East and Southeast Asia. She also trains future missionaries at Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies through:

  • Teaching ESOL to international students

  • Training students teach and use ESOL on the mission field

  • Teaching cross-cultural skills



M & A P

Leadership Training - Ecuador/Asia

M & A served in Ecuador, as South Island New Zealand Representatives for One Mission Society and in Asia. M & A will continue to serve in Ecuador and Asia for 3 months each consecutive year.  This includes community and family initiatives in the area of agriculture, healthcare, family business training, marriage enrichment, discipleship and leadership training. They also mentor pastors and leaders in these countries.



Dr Graham and Carol Houghton

Theological Education - India

After serving for forty years in India, first as the Principal of Madras Bible College and then as the founding Principal of SAIACS, the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies; Graham & Carol returned to India in 2013. They are helping to set up a graduate level study programme in North India.

Graham and Carol have relocated to the USA. They still hope to return to India on short term trips.



Pastor Rely and Lalaine Samonte

Church Planting - Philippines

Pastor Rely and Lalaine Samonte planted a Church and Christian school in Malolos, Philippines. One Mission Society New Zealand is partnering with them in a new church plant with the Mangyan people on the Island of Mindoro in the Philippines.



Philip and Ruth Robinson

Church Planting - Philippines

Ruth and Philip live in Malolos City, Philippines with their little daughter Jemimah. A Christian school is run from the church where they minister and many students and parents come to know and follow Jesus. Their current roles there for Philip is teaching the word of God through Bible stories and preaching in church, and Ruth is a full time teacher, preaches at church, is in the worship team and has other administration responsibilities. They have 2 local outreach areas where they encourage the needy with feeding programs, Bible studies, Bible stories and prayer.

Their main ministry is to the Mangyan people on the Island of Mindoro. Phil writes "Our Mangyan brothers and sisters live off borrowed land, they're a marginalized people, quite poor and many have not been educated so they cannot all read the Bible. Great changes have happened in this people group since people obedient to the Lord have worked with them and brought the full gospel of truth of our saving King Jesus. Our Mangyan brothers and sisters have been baptised, married in the sight of God and are now more confident. They have a church, they've toilets and running water, they have a little more food, Bibles in their own language, the government has put in electricity and built a kindergarten and they are praying to own the land they live on."


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Orion and Sara Kenny

Missionaries in Training

Orion and Sara have recently been accepted as OMS Missionaries, living here in Hamilton, New Zealand. He’s a Kiwi, she’s an American. Sara will often be in the OMS office as our new teams co-ordinator, with Orion assisting the growth of OMS. Passionate about impacting young people's lives for Christ, they are also beginning a ministry at the University of Waikato.


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Glyn and Naomi Johnston

Missionaries in Training

Glyn and Naomi have also recently been accepted as OMS Missionaries, living here in Hamilton, New Zealand. Along with their daughter Minna, they will be heading to minister in Budapest, Hungary. They will be working with the OMS Hungary team, helping in the business and media areas.

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The Caleb Institute has been set up as a trust in India, by Dr Graham and Carol Houghton (NZ missionaries). It is a response of the Evangelical Fellowship of India to the need of a Graduate Institution in North India to address several issues:

  • The Hindi of North India comprise 600 million and there is still no Post-Graduate Institution there.

  • There is a desperate need for studies that are Christian-centred and passionate about making Jesus Christ known in a way that they can understand Him and follow Him. Do you want to be involved in this new Institute by donating now?


Begun in 1992, the Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary (MECS) offers theology, church ministry, youth ministry and camp ministry degrees at both the bachelors and masters levels. MECS is the only evangelical seminary registered with the government in the Moscow area.

With almost fifty students studying for the various degrees offered, MECS is looking to make an impact in Moscow and other parts of Russia.

As is the case with many of OMS’ seminaries around the world, the students attending MECS cannot afford to pay the entire amount needed to cover their costs.

Is God calling you to help fund the costs of a student to attend this seminary? Would you make a monthly donation to allow more students to get this education?


Pastor Rely and Lalaine Samonte planted a Church and Christian school in Malolos, Philippines. One Mission Society New Zealand in partnering with them in a new church plant with the Mangyan people on the Island of Mindoro in the Philippines. This community had no water, electricity, toilets or Christian witness. Volunteers from New Zealand have provided water and toilets and witnessed their faith in action. Many in the community now worship the Lord for themselves and meet together for prayer and teaching.

Is God talking to you about being involved by going, giving or praying? They still need funding to provide schooling and literacy for the adults. Pastor Rely visits every week with other church members. He needs funding to continue to teach these people. His vision is to start reaching out to other Mangyan communities also.


Jeannine Brabon, grew up in Colombia, South America. Following 16 years of ministry in Spain, she returned to Colombia in 1986 to teach biblical Hebrew and has pioneered an exciting prison ministry in Medellín.

Though few dared to visit Bellavista, Medellín’s maximum-security prison noted for daily murders, Jeannine and a team of Colombian evangelists carried the Gospel inside. As a result, countless lives have been transformed, and the murders have dissipated. In 1992, Jeannine began the Bellavista Prison Bible Institute. Through this discipleship programme, more than 600 prisoners have graduated and now minister to other inmates in penitentiaries all across the nation. More than 40 men, once prisoners and now free, serve as pastors or evangelists all over Colombia. One is a missionary in Chile.


In a culture where nominal belief is the norm, English camps in Ukraine are a great way for Ukrainian university students to see the reality of Jesus.

Our summer English camps give Ukrainian students an opportunity to meet a Christian with a vibrant relationship with Jesus for the first time. During the 10-day camp, many begin to see that God is relevant and can make a daily difference.

Do you want to help a Ukrainian student attend and be transformed by this camp experience? If you give $50 today, you will help cover a portion of the cost for one student to attend camp. A gift of $500 covers partial costs for 10 students!


What Is HOPE61?

HOPE61, a ministry of One Mission Society, fights human trafficking through prevention.

Inspired by Isaiah 61:1, HOPE61 exists to train and mobilize the worldwide church; to address the issues of human trafficking and human vulnerabilities to become victims, traffickers, and buyers.

Four key trafficking areas:

  • Sex Trafficking

  • Labour trafficking

  • Child Soldiering

  • Organ Trafficking

HOPE61’s method consists of two types of training: Engage and Multiply.

The one-day engage training equips pastors, lay leaders, and missionaries to create outreach programmes within their churches to prevent human trafficking in their communities.

This training focuses on five components:

  • Education and awareness — HOPE61 explains in detail the four types of trafficking.

  • Why the church should be involved – HOPE61 discusses holistic ministry and walks attendees through Scripture verses that address the church and community.

  • Asset and ability mapping – HOPE61 helps attendees determine what gifts and skills their church possesses to reduce vulnerability.

  • Assessment of vulnerability – HOPE61 examines with attendees what specific vulnerabilities those in their community may be facing.

  • Creating an action plan – Attendees determine their next steps to actively address vulnerabilities in their communities using their skills and resources.

In the multiply training, attendees dig deeper into the material learned in Engage and are equipped to teach the information to others. They can then conduct further HOPE61 trainings for pastors, lay leaders, and missionaries, multiplying HOPE61’s reach through national coworkers.

Since the focus is on training, the HOPE61 approach is highly reproducible and sustainable.

The Need:

Human trafficking has become the second largest illegal business in the world—surpassed only by the illegal arms trade. Each year, there are millions of people who live in slavery across the globe. While rescue and restoration from trafficking are important, OMS believes the best long-term solution, and the only one that influences those trafficked as well as traffickers and buyers, is having churches worldwide address vulnerabilities within their communities.

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