When Missionaries Splurge On Holidays


Mark and Anne Pavelka have served with OMS since 1994, based in Ecuador for a lot of that time. Recently, Mark and Anne took their family on an extensive holiday through Europe. Some people may ask, why are you spending money for missions on a trip for yourself? Here’s Mark’s response:

“A friend of mine has just asked me: "What are you celebrating to be on such a grand tour?" As I answered him, I realised that my answer is worth sharing with all of my friends so that you can all understand why we are splurging out on this trip. We have been involved with mission for 24 years. During that time our children have been obliged to travel with us. This time they have all chosen to travel with us, and it may be the last chance we get before they all get busy with their individual adult lives. It is a great privilege to have your children "want" to be with you once they are grown up.   

So I guess this trip is to celebrate our family and all that we have been through over the last 27 years together (less for some members of the family) To be able to do this trip together is a great blessing and the memories being created have much greater value than the money spent to create them. I am so grateful to God for the richness He has brought into my life 38 years ago when I asked Him to save me and lead me from that day forward.”