A Step Back In Time To India In May 2018

An update from Graham and Carol Houghton from May 2018.

Dear Family, friends and faithful partners,

When we continue to follow the Lord through doors He opens, there is never an end to surprises and amazing providences that He is waiting to unfold. We have thought on several occasions that we had come to the end of our active ministry. But then one more invitation comes, and when we have the courage to say “yes”, the Lord has whole new vistas of His Kingdom plan just waiting for us to “seize the day” and help bring about His purposes.

Graham and I were invited back to India by the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) in 2013 to help them begin another “Advanced Studies Institute” called Caleb. The vision was to have an Institute uniquely focused on the needs and challenges of North India. There are approximately 600 million Hindi speaking people in the North, and traditionally it has been a very hard place in terms of the Gospel. Despite 3 years of our best efforts, we did not succeed; not personally that is. But we did succeed in getting the ball rolling and under Indian leadership and management, it has been gaining momentum ever since. Caleb Institute has been thriving since July 2016, and in July 2018, will be admitting their third new batch of students.

The vision of an Institute focused on North India has certainly come about, with students, staff and faculty coming from almost every region of North India. It was a great thrill for us to learn that about half of the students are first generation Christians, many in fact, the only Christians in their families.

There has never been a bigger harvest of souls coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ in India, particularly in the North, than today. There also has never been such overt antagonism against Christianity as there is now. We believe that the Lord is doing “a new thing” in India. We would love you to be a part of this with us.

Many blessings,

Graham and Carol.