A Step Back In Time To India In December 2013

An update from Graham and Carol Houghton from December 2013.

Graham and I have just returned from Delhi and formal discussions concerning our help in the setting up of an Institute in North India, similar to SAIACS, but bi-lingual; directed particularly to the Hindi Speaking population. In round figures that is a population of 600 million!

In the past North India has been much less receptive to the Good News of the Gospel than South India, but in the past decade there have been remarkable changes. Hundreds of people have been coming to faith. The difficulty is that these people are coming to Jesus, but then there are not nearly enough trained pastors and teachers to bring them into mature Christian faith and discipleship.

One of our colleagues in Delhi explained it this way. “We have plenty of evangelists who are doing a great job of bringing people to Christ, and there are a plethora of short term, part time, bible training programs which try their best to provide basic Bible training. But because of the vast number of new believers, many of whom are village people, and hardly literate; the problem of pastoring and helping them to grow into maturity is not being adequately done.” We do not want this harvest to be lost.

Now unto Him who is able to do.

Graham and Carol.