Project Insights: Prison Ministry in Columbia

Jeannine Brabon, grew up in Colombia, South America. Following 16 years of ministry in Spain, she returned to Colombia in 1986 to teach biblical Hebrew and has pioneered an exciting prison ministry in Medellín.

Though few dared to visit Bellavista, Medellín’s maximum-security prison noted for daily murders, Jeannine and a team of Colombian evangelists carried the Gospel inside. As a result, countless lives have been transformed, and the murders have dissipated. In 1992, Jeannine began the Bellavista Prison Bible Institute. Through this discipleship programme, more than 600 prisoners have graduated and now minister to other inmates in penitentiaries all across the nation. More than 40 men, once prisoners and now free, serve as pastors or evangelists all over Colombia. One is a missionary in Chile.