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Volunteer - men for missions co-ordinator

Volunteer  Positions:

Through Men for Missions, a ministry of One Mission Society, men and their families, find a channel for harnessing and releasing personal skills and abilities in practical, direct missionary involvement. By participation in overseas ministry teams, they catch new zeal for those without Christ, at home as well as overseas.

Men for Missions members help missionaries by using their personal skills and abilities in a variety of practical, direct ways, including work teams, medical and disaster relief teams, evangelism teams, intercessory prayer teams and teams of professionals who are prepared to teach. Often, teams are involved in a combination of these ministries.

MFM needs a leader in New Zealand to mobilise men and their families to use their skills to assist the mission work around the world. The role requires leadership skills, ability to work in a team, administration and computer knowledge along with a heart to serve.

If you are interested in this role or have any queries then please apply to office@oms.org.nz